Jumporama 2 : Cross Country

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Jumporama 2 : Cross Country
Jumporama 2 : Cross Country - Horse Jumping Games

Jumporama 2 is one of the more difficult horse riding games around. Here you will be treated as a professional jokey and even if controlling the horse seems to be a problem at first, you will soon get used to it.

Basically, all you have to do is jump over obstacles by pressing the spacebar. There are two speed levels: turtle and rabbit. You can move through them by pressing the directional keys: if you want to move faster press the right arrow key, if you want to slow down press the left arrow key. You will notice a small map at the bottom of the screen. If you keep an eye on it, you will be able to anticipate the type of obstacle that follows. If you see a small fence you can choose between riding fast or slow. However, large fences always require a high speed and so do the groups of two small fences. Unfortunately, you can't always ride fast. In some cases, the distance between two fences will be long enough that you can't jump over both of them, but short enough for you to hit the last one of them if you are riding fast. This is where you need to slow down and make two consecutive jumps. In Jumporama 2, hitting an obstacle more than 3 times will send you back to the first level. If you don't hit anything, you will advance and your horse will receive various items which make it better.

Jumporama 2 is a challenging game, but you will set a high score if you pay attention and play it enough times.

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