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Jumporama - Horse Jumping Games

If you enjoy hurdling, you will certainly like playing Jumporama. This game is all about jumping over obstacles while riding a horse.

The controls are simple: the right directional arrow will set the horse in the fast speed more and the left directional arrow will set it in the slow speed more. You have to take a look at the minimap and see what type of obstacle comes next and make your decision based on the size of the fence or the distance between the next obstacles. In some cases, you will have to switch between slow and fast gallop rapidly. Fortunately, this isn't a problem because the horse reacts quickly to each command. The spacebar is used for jumping, but if you don't time this action correctly, you will lose one of your three lives. If you lose all of them, you will have to restart the whole game. If you can get pass the first Jumporama level, you will encounter new obstacles and your horse will receive a prize. You won't be able to find other lives, so if you lose some of them in the first couple of levels, the third one will start with what you have left. Your score will increase depending on the overall speed and final time, so you should try to find a balance between these two.

In conclusion, Jumporama is a difficult, but addictive horse riding game. If you have fast reaction times, you will be able to jump over the obstacles which appear in this flash miniclip.

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