The Jump Off

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The Jump Off
The Jump Off - Horse Riding Games

Hurdling races are quite popular when it comes to horse competitions and one of the best flash games which lets you jump over obstacles while on a horse is called The Jump Off.

You will see the horse from an on top point of view and it will be basically running towards the top of the screen. There are 9 levels in total and you have to do your best to jump over every obstacle that appears in your way. You can move the horse side to side with the left and right directional keys and you can jump by pressing the spacebar. You will receive points for each successful jump and you need a certain score if you want to advance to the next level. This means that you can't miss more than one obstacle in the first couple of levels, but this margin can get even lower as you reach the final stages. In The Jump Off, your horse will gradually get faster, but the jumps will somehow get shorter. This means that each new level will pose a new challenge and you will have to get used to the new speed and jump length. Finishing the game is pretty difficult, but it can be done if you have enough patience and skill.

The Jump Off is an addictive flash game and most people who start it try their best to reach the nineth level. If you focus on each jump you can gather enough points and you might even set a new high score.

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