Racehorse Tycoon

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Racehorse Tycoon
Racehorse Tycoon - Horse Riding Games

Racehorse Tycoon is one of the more advanced horse racing games around. Instead of simply racing a horse around a track, you will have to make a lot of choices which will influence the result of each race.

The game starts off with a horse selection screen. You have $40,000 and you can choose between 12 horses. Each one is represented by its picture and a graph which shows you information about fitness, speed, stamina, jumps and the altitude of the jumps. After you make your decision regarding the horse, you have to pick the jockey based on experience, dodgyness and aggression. A trainer, the transport truck, the type of food for the horse and the type of stable also have to be bought before even starting Racehorse Tycoon. You can always upgrade these items, but first you will need to earn some money. You can choose between various races depending on their difficulty and you have to bet the amount you like. Here is when you can give instructions to your jokey: if he is too rough, the horse will run fast but it will be likely to fall. If the jokey is too gentle, the horse won't trip, but it will run very slowly. You have to find the perfect balance if you want to win Racehorse Tycoon, but the only way to do this is by trial and error.

After a few races, you will surely understand exactly what you need to do if you want to win every race.

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