Penny's Courageous Ride

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Penny's Courageous Ride
Penny's Courageous Ride - Horse Riding Games

Penny's Courageous Ride is a horse riding flash game in which you have to find Ben, a man who is located at the end of the map. Unlike most side scrolling games, your horse will start from the right side of the screen and you will run towards the left side.

You can move up, down, forward and backward by moving your mouse pointer across the screen. The horse will constantly gallop, but you can slow it down considerably if you leave your pointer on the right side of the screen. However, some jumps will require speed. You can perform these jumps by pressing the spacebar. If you hit the obstacle, you will lose one of your 5 lives. A successful jump will give you 750 points, but some obstacles can be avoided by walking around them. You will have to decide if you want to get points by jumping or if you want to take the safe road and go around. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits on the ground and each one of them will offer you points. Some of the jumps you will have to perform in Penny's Courageous Ride are quite difficult, but you will get used to them. Once you do, you will be able to reach the end of the level and find Ben. There are no continues, so if you lose all of your lives, you will have to start from the beginning of the game.

In the end Penny's Courageous Ride is not an easy game, but it is definitely enjoyable.

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