Rainbow Pony Dress Up

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Rainbow Pony Dress Up
Rainbow Pony Dress Up - Pony Games

Those who are tired of horse games in which all you do is riding as fast as you can, you should try playing Rainbow Pony Dress Up.

Instead of riding a horse, this game will allow you to dress a pony and make it look beautiful. The game has a pretty simple idea, but it can be quite fun to play, especially if you try various combinations and see what you can create. You will only get one screen in which a girl stands next to a pony. You simply have to click on the items which are located on the top side of the screen and they will automatically appear on the pony or the girl, depending on the category. There are many parts which can be customized on the girl alone: the hat, the blouse, the skirt, the vest, the pants, the socks, the shoes and even the item that she holds in her hand. After you're finished with this part of Rainbow Pony Dress Up, you can take a look at the pony. You can change its color, create a tattoo of a certain item or take a look at the various stickers which can be placed anywhere on the pony. There are 7 different colors and 3 sticker shapes: heart, circle and star. You just have to pick the color you like and place it anywhere on the screen.

Rainbow Pony Dress Up is a short flash game, but playing dress up with a pony is certainly fun and entertaining.

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