Stay The Distance - Horse Racing

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Stay The Distance - Horse Racing
Stay The Distance - Horse Racing - Horse Racing Games

If you are attracted to horse racing games, you should certainly try to finish a few races from Stay the Distance. This is a great game and it will grab your interest for a few hours.

First, you have to choose a horse from the 6 available. You can read a short description about their capabilities or simply take a look at the winning odds. The best horse has 2-1 odds and the worst one comes with 11-1. After you make your pick, the race will start. Stay the Distance is a 3D game and the graphics are great for a flash miniclip. You can control the horse with the directional keys and you have to insist on the up arrow if you want to give it speed. The spacebar is used for jumps. On the upper right side of the screen, you will notice a few important meters. The race meter will show you the speed of the horse, the whips meter will show you how many whips you can activate with the CTRL button and you will also notice an energy meter. When this gauge drains completely, the horse will stop galloping totally and you will have to rely on a few pushes from your whip. This is not a good scenario because the main goal of the game is to adjust your speed in a way in which the energy won't be drained until the end of the race. Basically, in Stay the Distance you have to keep an eye on the distance meter and adjust your speed and whips accordingly.

If you manage to win the race, you will get a number of points based on your rank, speed and the amount of energy you have left.

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