Horsey Racing

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Horsey Racing
Horsey Racing - Horse Racing Games

Horsey Racing is a side scrolling horse racing game. This is a simple, but exciting flash miniclip.

You have to choose between a quick race and the tournament mode. If you simply want to try the quick race mode, you will have to be faster than one other horse and the game will start instantly. If you choose tournament mode, you will be able to select your horse from three available ones. After you make your pick, the race with start and you will have to defeat the other two horses. When the countdown reaches 0, you have to press the left mouse click for the horse to start running. After that, you can make it run faster or slower by changing the position of your mouse; if your pointer is located on the left side, the horse will run as fast as it can, but you might hit the obstacles. This is why you should keep the pointer on the middle of the screen. When a simple fence appears, you just have to click and the horse will jump. When a larger fence appears, you will have to double click for the double jump. If you hit the obstacle, your horse will stop for a couple of seconds. If this happens 10 times in a single race, you will have to start over. There are many powerups which can be collected in Horsey Racing and you can even make your horse fly for a few seconds.

In the end, Horsey Racing is a great horse racing game and the controls are very easy to get used to.

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