Jump Off

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Jump Off
Jump Off - Horse Jumping Games

Jump Off is a 5 level horse riding flash game. Here you will have to choose between two girls and start riding a horse on a few courses which are similar to a garden.

You will have to avoid bushes and a few other obstacles. You can switch between lanes by pressing the Up and Down arrows or you can jump by pressing the space bar. If you happen to come across a larger obstacle, you can press and hold the spacebar. You will see that your horse will be highlighted and you can keep it this way for as long as you want or until you reach an obstacle. When you release the spacebar, your horse will jump higher than ever. Each course needs to be finished in a certain amount of time. At first, you will get 50 seconds, but the last level will last more than 2 minutes. You can lower your time by collecting power-ups. Some of these items will make you faster for a short period of time and others will take 5 seconds off of your time. Jump Off is not a difficult game and you can hit obstacles without being penalized in most cases. However, you will have to reach the end of the level in the pre-determined time span if you want to advance.

Jump Off is a short, but engaging game. Getting used to the controls will take at least one or two levels, but you will eventually become a virtual horse riding expert.

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