Show Jumping

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Show Jumping
Show Jumping - Horse Jumping Games

Show Jumping is a short and simple horse racing flash game. This is a side scrolling game and all you have to do is jump over 15 obstacles and reach the end of the race as fast as you can.

In Show Jumping, you can control the horse with the directional keys; the left and right arrows are used for running in these directions and the up arrow is used for jumping. You can also use the spacebar for performing jumps. Your final score is based on two factors: your final time and the amount of hurdles you successfully jump over. If you hit an obstacle, your horse will come to a complete stop and you will lose precious seconds. After only a couple of jumps, you will notice a glowing power-up floating in mid air. If you can jump and reach it, all of your future jumps will be almost twice as high as the ones before. This means that instead of barley jumping over the obstacles, you will be able to clear them with ease. If you finish Show Jumping fast enough and without hitting too many obstacles, you will see yourself on the podium. If you are not ranked first, you can always start over and see if you can make a better time.

This is not a complicated flash game, but trying to beat your personal best will be exciting. The game is easy to play and those who like horses will surely enjoy riding a virtual one.

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