Lisa and Bandit

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Lisa and Bandit
Lisa and Bandit - Horse Riding Games

Lisa and Bandit is a difficult, but entertaining horse game. You will have to take part in a long race and the only thing you need to worry about are natural obstacles.

There are no other horses in Lisa and Bandit but you will have to be fast and jump over tires, barrels and a few other barriers. The speed of the horse can be adjusted with the left and right arrow keys. If your horse is galloping, you will be able to perform jumps by pressing the space bar. This means that you can never slow down if you plan on jumping. When the horse is moving slowly, you can use the down arrow key for ducking. You can even stop the horse completely if you press the left arrow key enough times, which is something you can't do in most horse games. The game consists of 6 levels, but the entire run will be continuous. You won't get any breaks between levels and you only get three lives. If you only hit three obstacles, you have chances of finishing the race. At the end, your score will be calculated depending on the number of successful jumps, the overall speed of your horse and you might even get a large bonus if you reach one of the more advanced levels. You can insert your nickname, save your score and you can restart the race as many times as you want.

Lisa and Bandit is a challenging horse racing game, but if you try hard enough, you might finish it and get a high score.

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