Nicki's Roundup

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Nicki's Roundup
Nicki's Roundup - Horse Riding Games

Nicki's Roundup is a special horse riding game. Instead of participating in a horse race, you can do something productive: gather a few pigs which have escaped from the barn.

The rules of Nicki's Roundup are easy to understand. All you have to do is click the left mouse button when you want to throw the lasso. If you time your throw properly, you will touch a pig and he will stop running. Your horse will continuously run from the top to the bottom of the screen. You will have to move your mouse pointer and the horse will follow it. If you see an obstacle which can't be avoided by moving left or right, you can press the spacebar and your horse will jump. Each pig that you manage to catch will offer you some points depending on the distance of the lasso throw. If you catch a brown rabbit, your lasso will turn brown. This will only last a few seconds, but all of the pigs which you manage to roundup with the brown lasso will be worth three times as much as they normally would. This means that a single pig can offer you more than 1000 points if he is far enough. You can also catch white rabbits which will restore one point of energy. There are only three energy points and you will lose one every time you hit an obstacle instead of jumping over it.

Nicki's Roundup will end when your energy bar is drained or when the night falls. You will be scored based on the number and quality of your throws.

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