Horse Hars Derby

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Horse Hars Derby
Horse Hars Derby - Horse Racing Games

Horse Hars Derby is one of the best flash horse racing games you can find online.

The premise is simple: you have to pick one of the four types of horses available, give it a name and start racing. You will have to think about a strategy if you plan on getting to the finish line before your three competitors. You can increase the running speed of your horse by pressing the right arrow and decrease it by pressing the left arrow. Each track looks exactly the same, but your opponents will get faster and faster and if you want to reach the hall of fame you will have to defeat them 10 consecutive times. You can move the horse up and down between lanes by pressing the up and down arrow, but this will only be helpful if you manage to stop a horse from winning the race. The rest of the time you have to find a balance between speed and energy. You can take a look at both of these meters as you are running the Horse Hars Derby, but if the energy one gets completely drained, your horse will stop its gallop. This is why you should preserve your energy as much as you can and stay behind for the first part of the track. When the end is near, you can press the spacebar and whip the horse for a speed boost. You can't do this more than three times and it can only be done after a red flag appears on the side of the track; even so, it will help you a lot.

If you don't finish first in each round of Horse Hars Derby, you will have to start over from the first level.

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