Horsey Run Run

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Horsey Run Run
Horsey Run Run - Horse Racing Games

Horsey Run Run is a nice little game with a caricature of a horse (appropriately named Horsey) who runs along and jumps happily over various obstacles that lie between him and the Hippodrome. Horsey wants to race, and apparently his owner the Farmer won't let him. Once Horsey escapes, you must control him as he gallops across the Field, into and through the Forest, and finally across the City in his quest for the Hippodrome. Everything from wheelbarrows full of hay to piles of spare tires will try to dissuade Horsey from achieving his goal, but he will persist and persevere at all costs!

The real world Hippodrome was an ancient Greek horse-racing stadium; in this game, Horsey is headed for a racetrack. By getting there, he proves that he's worthy to participate in the races (though that's a different game).

Controls of Horsey Run Run are basic: left stops Horsey, right once makes him walk, and tapping it twice makes him gallop. There's never any reason to do anything other than gallop. Tapping up makes Horsey jump, hitting Space makes him jump high and far. There's never any reason to use up. Just jump long and hard over all of the obstacles in your path, and the Hippodrome will be yours to race in Horsey Run Run 2.

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