Jockey Star

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Jockey Star
Jockey Star - Horse Racing Games

Jockey Star is a very simple game, but like many simple games, it's quite difficult. You play a jockey on a slow horse, and you have to nudge him up to speed. This is done by clicking on a slowly filling bar once the bar gets within a certain range. The closer to the exact middle you get, the more points you get, and the faster your horse runs. Then the bar starts to fill up again, this time slightly faster.

Faster, faster, faster! Pretty soon you can't even keep track visually, you just click instinctively and pray. Miss, and your horse's speed decreases. Hit, and it increases.

Repeat for thirty seconds, plus three bonus seconds for each opponent you pass along the way. It's tough to get more than 45 seconds out of it.

The more accurately you click, the faster you have to click accurately the next time, so you can't ever quite get into a comfortable rhythm. It's easy to nail a 10,000 score with a little practice, but to get onto the leaderboards for real, you need to at least quadruple that.

One part of Jockey Star that's surprisingly easy to overlook is the graphics. They seem almost designed to fade into the background as you focus all of your coordination and digital agility on the little bar while it fills up. They're actually quite pretty when you stop to take a look at them, but you can't: the bar is just too demanding.

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