Pony Land

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Pony Land
Pony Land - Pony Games

Pony Land is a lovely little dress-up game that, unlike many of its genre, provides a startling amount of options. Not only can you choose your pony's background, and skin color, and various sets of accessories from hats to anklets to tail bows, but you can then export your pony anywhere into the background that you choose. Then the fun starts.

You can proceed to create another incredibly detailed pony with its own unique accoutrements; even rotating the direction it's facing if you want to, and place it into the background alongside your first pony.

Then, there's the non-pony things you can put in the scene: everything from event-style obstacles to bowls of ice cream and party sundries. Between the scenery available and the accessories you can import into it, you can set up anything from an active pony birthday party to a race to a climactic scene of good versus evil pony battle!

Of course, when you're finally satisfied with your scene, you can save it as an image file for later use. There's only two things that Pony Land can't do. First is remove a single item from the scene once you've added it; you can clear the whole thing at once, but not one item at a time. Second, unlike most dress-up games, there's no option to change the pony's hair; the chaotic rainbow swirl is your only option. That said, it goes well with every possible combinations of skin and accessories, so it's not really something you miss.

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