Charger Escape

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Charger Escape
Charger Escape - Horse Riding Games

Charger Escape is a wonderfully ambiance filled puzzle game in which your goal is to help a trapped horse escape from a barn. The controls are simple: click on things, including the arrows that direct you from room to room. You have a basic inventory, and you can use things on other things by first clicking on an item in your inventory and then clicking on the object you want to interact with.

A big part of the game Charger Escape is learning to interpret the graphical instructions. You find a paper with some instructions that lead you through a fairly complex part of the game, but there are also similar graphical instructions written on the side of the oven in the forge area (look up).

Don't expect this game to stay in the realm of the mundane, either. Horseshoes are known for being objects of luck, and in this game, an extremely unlikely occurrence will completely change the flavor of the game when enough horseshoes are aligned correctly!

All told, you need just a little bit of prior knowledge about how a forge works, a little bit of persistent clicking to find everything that you need, and a little bit of horse sense.

ProTip: Perhaps the most frustrating puzzle of the game simply required spotting something new on the screen that wasn't there before: a star out a window. If you're wondering what to do with your magically evolved horse, keep an eye out for it. Only after the star comes to visit will the bottom most picture on the instructions page make any sense.

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