Horse Show Jumping

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Horse Show Jumping
Horse Show Jumping - Horse Jumping Games

Horse Show Jumping is a pretty game with surprisingly demanding gameplay. You control a horse which you must navigate through a series of jumps. The arrow keys rotate your horse; the up key makes him gallop instead of trot (but you can't gallop for long; your horse gets tired and quits); down arrow tells him to stop galloping and trot again (or stop if he's already trotting); the space bar makes him jump. It all sounds very simple and easy.

The trickery comes in two parts: firstly, you don't really know where the jumps are. A flag on the edge of your screen tells you what direction the jump is in, but it doesn't tell you how the jump is aligned relative to you. Come up to a jump from the side or the rear, and you can't jump it (or you get no points for jumping it.) Because you're on a fairly strict timer, that means you have to play through and memorize each course pretty well before you're going to be able to clear it.

Beyond that, if you jump off center within one of the jumps (i.e. you hit the poles that are holding up the bar your jumping over), you're out, right then and there, no matter what. Game over, start back at level one.

All told, Horse Show Jumping is actually really fun if you're looking for a game that will test your manual dexterity, your spatial memory, and your reflexes without being a spastic twitch game.

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