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RaceDay - Horse Racing Games

Raceday is a long and involved horse racing game that will appeal to stat driven character development games and fans of racing in general as well. The racing part is actually quite difficult at first, because there a lot of hidden things happening in the background. On the surface, you use the arrow keys to move your horse up and down, and you use space to whip your horse, which makes him go faster.

Watch your horse's health bar and his attitude, though. If his attitude gets too bad, he'll dump you. If his health gets too low, he'll collapse. More importantly, some combination of attitude, health, power, and speed determines how quickly your horse runs when he's not being whipped. There's a random component as well; some races, you win easily because your horse settles into a very quick base speed while others you have to work hard all the way through because the base speed just isn't there.

As you race and build money in Raceday, you can purchase various injections that improve your horse's statistics. At first, they don't seem to do much, but as you go on, if you go back to the earlier races, you'll just blow through them easily. The game does a good job of keeping your competition appropriate to the level you're at.

Pro Tip: Blocking. It always seems like there's one horse in the race that's faster than any others. Get in front of him and stay there: the enemies don't seem to be able to go around you, so they just wait patiently behind you for as long as you stay in their way.

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