Horse Jumping

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Horse Jumping
Horse Jumping - Horse Jumping Games

Horse Jumping game is exactly that: a game about a horse that jumps. But it's actually quite a bit more than that as well. Horse Jumping is a well-rendered and beautiful game with stunning backgrounds and a very realistic young lady on a gorgeous horse (you even get to pick the color)!

At it's heart, Horse Jumping is about timing, but not in the usual press space to jump kind of way. Instead, you must hold space to build up jump power, and release it in time to clear your hurdle. But hold it too long and you'll build up a Long Jump, which can be a bad thing if two obstacles are too close together: you'll crash into the second before you can build another jump back up.

Between levels, you get to scrub your horse clean. You're timed, and it's harder than it sounds, but if you succeed you gain an extra life. Every five levels you get a bonus level where the goal is not to avoid obstacles, but to leap up and collect glowing stars for bonus points.

All told, Horse Jumping is exactly that, and more. By including the realistic graphics and the more intimate details like cleaning your horse between runs, Horse Jumping brings the game much closer to the heart than many of the other games in the genre.

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