Horse Eventing

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Horse Eventing
Horse Eventing - Horse Jumping Games

Horse Eventing is a nice equestrian game in which you can customize and train your horse to compete in shows and perform a variety of competitive activities. The object of the game is to create the best possible show horse by dressing it and training it to become an equestrian champion. Before the game begins you can take your horse to the stable and begin dressing it and picking accessories for both the rider and the horse. You can change practically anything you'd like from the riders hair to the type of saddle your horse wears. In the beginning of the game you will only be able to select a few items from the stable, as the rest will need to be unlocked.

There are several game modes in Horse Eventing including dressage, show jumping and cross country. In the dressage mode you will have to make your horse complete a specific amount of movements in each level in order to continue. To make your horse move you will have to press the arrow keys at the right moment in time as they slide into the box in the center of the screen. Every time you press a key the arrows will begin moving faster, making it difficult to time your moves. As you continue to complete each level you will unlock new clothing and attributes for your horse and rider, making the game more enjoyable.

In the jumping mode you will have to clear a certain amount of fences in each level, using the X key on your keyboard to jump and the arrow keys to control your horse's movements. The jumping mode is a bit more difficult than the other games in Horse Eventing because it requires very good timing and precise control. The key to winning in jumping mode is to wait until the last possible moment to jump; making sure your horse is lined up properly. Regardless of which mode you choose to play in Horse Eventing you are sure to have plenty of fun if you like horse games.

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