Dream Horse

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Dream Horse
Dream Horse - Horse Riding Games

Dream Horse is a dress-up game with a unique extra step. The game begins with your new horse walking calmly home with you. You can watch him walk for a while as the scenery passes by if you need to calm down from something that's got you upset. He's pretty.

Once you decide you've watched him walk far enough, click the arrow on the lower right to lead him into your barn and get him ready to be brushed down. Apparently, it started to rain just as you arrived, because the horse is dry and there's clearly a storm happening outside the window.

Brushing your horse down is as simple as clicking and holding on the brush and gently moving it across your Dream Horse's body. As you brush, her coat will turn smooth and glossy. It's relaxing and fun, so brush until you feel like she's ready for the final stage. Then click the little pink arrow in the lower right again.

Your barn will fill with all manner of equine beautification equipment (like ribbons, hair extensions, and socks) as well as traditional riding gear like saddle blankets and a couple of different kinds of tack. In Dream Horse game your job is to prepare your horse for a rainy ride! Get him bundled up, prettified, and ready to ride on, because that's got to be the next stage.

Unfortunately, the next stage must be part of Dream Horse 2, because there's no next stage in Dream Horse. But what's here is beautiful, very relaxing, and a great way to spend half an hour.

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