My Baby Unicorn

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My Baby Unicorn
My Baby Unicorn - Pony Games

While not a game in the traditional sense, My Baby Unicorn is nonetheless a fantastic way to blow half an hour in a spasm of ultra cuteness and moderate badassitude. My Baby Unicorn is a dress-up game, like the paper dolls of the 40s only digital and horribly, horribly cute.

You take a unicorn, and you decide between a number of options for it's skin color, horn style, tattoo, mane, anklets, headgear, wings, and the background it's standing on. The overall effect can range from sickeningly cute to righteously awesome to insidiously evil.

Of particular value is the Random button in the middle of the option buttons. While any one Random My Baby Unicorn might not be that inspiring, just clicking the button madly and watching frame after frame of randomly equipped equine epitomes flicker past your vision will certainly inspire some form of aesthetic idea. Before long, you'll be hunting down how to best express the thought you had as you watched a black-winged devil corn transmute into a leafy, teal-blue fairy corn with a cute little devil face tattoo on it's bottom.

Once you're done with your creation, hit the Ready button to be taken to a screen when you can import it in .jpg format or print it assuming you have a decent quality color printer and enough ink to enjoy your cutie critter in non digital format.

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