Pony Racing

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Pony Racing
Pony Racing - Pony Games

Pony Racing is a cute and surprisingly fun to play game that takes the genre of press space to jump over the obstacle games to an entertaining and very cartoonish extreme. You pick a horse (they're exactly the same except for color and name), and you get planted on a course. You use the mouse to determine how far forward on the screen to run; too far forward, and you won't be able to see the obstacles in time to jump over them; too far back, and the other horses will outpace you to the finish line.

Then, you hit space to jump over obstacles. But you also hit space to jump up and grab bonuses. As you run, you lose Energy and Speed, picking up various fruits helps to keep those scores up. You can also pick up various bonus items, and it's these that make the game shine.

You can snag a Divine Power, which gives your next jump a massive boost and sends you rocketing forward as you leap. In Pony Racing game you can get Precognition, which gives you a warning of how far away and how tall the next obstacle is. And you can get Pegasus Wings, which allow you to fly (basically like jumping off of the air) for 5 flaps. Often, the Wings are positioned so that if you use them effectively, you'll get a new pair just as the old ones run out.

Pro Tips: Skip Divine Power. You don't ever actually need it to clear an obstacle, and it will often send you soaring over one wall only to land smack dab on another.

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