Pony Club Race

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Pony Club Race
Pony Club Race - Pony Games

Pony Club Race is a perfect horse game for children. There's one button (the space bar), the levels are short, and the awards ceremony at the end of each level is completely adorable. The graphics are deliberately Lego like, so if your kid loves Lego, Pony Club Race will have even greater appeal.

The races in Pony Club Race are against a clock, not against any opponents. The pony runs on its own, you need only to press Space to make sure he clears the obstacles. If you don't press space, the horse rears and stops, and you have to press Space to make him start up again.

Each time the pony begins to move, it starts at a walk, and then breaks into cute, determined faced run after a few steps. That might not seem important, but it does mean that the time you lose for hitting an obstacle is more than just the time it takes to remember to hit the Space bar.

That said, there's plenty of time to clear the race, even on the hardest level, even if you hit a couple of obstacles along the way. Your child won't be frustrated with Pony Club Race. On the contrary, the cute factor will have them coming back for more again and again.

When they finally do beat the last level (level 10), they get a special awards ceremony that ends with a blast of flowers like sparks from a firecracker spreading across the screen. If they click Play Again, the game starts over from level 1 with no further ado, allowing them to keep playing to their heart's content.

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